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Welcome to DUDE®'S DEN!
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Welcome to DUDE®'S DEN, the premier home of high-quality MS Plus! desktop themes by DUDE®! Visit the Theme Page for screen shots and full descriptions, and to download the themes which are among the best on the Web! What else is here? Download FREEware and shareware and visit a myriad of software sites from the Windows 95 / 3.1 Page. Discover ways to customize and tweak Win95 with DUDE®'s essential Win95 Tips 'N' Tricks. Cruise around the web, following the links on the Cool Stuff Page. And be sure to find out exactly why AT&T Worldnet sucks and why you should avoid them like the plague. Go ahead and click the icons on the left side of the page for my latest offerings.

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What's New?

May 28
  • DUDE®'s Theme Page:
      Added preview pictures for upcoming
      Quantum Leap theme! Cool!

May 27
  • DUDE®'s Theme Page:
      Coming Soon! Quantum Leap theme by DUDE®
  • Windows 95 / 3.1 Page:
      Updated NetLaunch, dial-up utility
      Updated McAfee VirusScan
      Updated IrfanView, image viewer
      Updated RegClean, Microsoft registry cleaner
      Updated Start Menu Changer, system customizer
      Updated BulletProof FTP, ftp program
  • Tips 'N' Tricks Page:
      Added a tip to speed up modem dialing
      Updated tip to fix my mistake!
  • Cool Stuff Page:
      Added links to live WABC radio over the Internet
      for live coverage of Yankee games! Cool!
  • AT&T Worldnet Sucks!:
      Added three emails to the Feedback section
  • I received my Bachelor's degree on May 16!

March 23
  • DUDE®'s Theme Page:
      Updated link to Themes.exe patch
  • Stored all images on this server for faster access Cool!

March 22
  • DUDE®'s Theme Page:
      Added two Jimmy Buffett Startup screens Cool!
      Added Disappear, desktop utility
      Added link to Dawson's Creek theme site
  • M.A.M.E. Page:
      Removed link to Atmospheric Heights
  • Windows 95 / 3.1 Page:
      Updated BulletProof FTP, ftp program
      Updated IrfanView, image viewer
      Updated Tripod: 5 MB homepage FREE!
  • Tips 'N' Tricks Page:
      Added a cool tip requested by a visitor! Cool!
  • Fixed menu mouseover for MSIE 4.0

Who is DUDE®?

Well, since you asked, I'm 28 years old and just recently received my Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and English from the University of North Alabama. (I thought about putting "DUDE®" on the diploma, but opted for my full name, Kevin Leigh Kannenberg!) I'm a transplanted New Yorker, specifically from Manhattan, who is currently hating life in Alabama. If I have to spend my entire life here, I will honestly lose my mind... However, now with my degree in hand, I'm looking forward to leaving Alabama for good! (Employment opportunities welcome!)

Why the handle "DUDE®"? Well, for one, it's more interesting than "Kevin"! Secondly, it's a hell of a lot better than the two other nicknames I have been called since living here in Alabama: Rocky (as in Sly Stallone) and Dice (Andrew "Dice" Clay). You know, because of my accent... The registered symbol ( ® ) is there to weed out the impostors!

If you get bored with my pages, visit my brother Keith at Cornell University. He has a wealth of info on the Cornell hockey team on his newly-designed site. A great BIG, RED (pun definitely intended!) special thanks to Keith for giving me space on his server!)

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